About Us

Home Shopping Latino (HSL Inc, OTC symbol “HSPG”) is in the process of launching a television shopping network and website under the name “VivaTelecompras” (www.vivatelecompras.com) for selling jewelry and gemstones, watches, sunglasses, vitamins and beauty care products. VIVA intends to use celebrities that are well known in the Spanish markets to sell those products on its network.

We will base our operations in Miami Florida covering North America. Our intention is to provide the best products and prices for the Latino market. As funding allows, we have launched our website and will followup with our TV Shopping network. Viva will be similar to HSN and QVC for the Anglo market except we will bring a comfortable setting that uses Spanish to communicate all those great bargains in the comfort of your home laptop or hand held device.The website is in Spanish and English.

We are all excited to serve all your VIVA shopping requests.

Frank Celecia / CEO HSL Inc.