Home Shopping Latino, Inc. dba Viva Telecompras is an all Spanish language TV channel and multi language online shopping website, tapping into the considerable spending power of the growing U.S. Hispanic population.
Viva Telecompras and its accompanying web site, www.vivatelecompras.com are being developed by Home Shopping Latino, Inc. OTC symbol "HSPG" and will fill a niche for 55 Million Hispanics in the USA.
Home Shopping Latino, Inc. is headquartered in Camden, Delaware, with proposed on-air television production studios located in Miami, Florida. The company has chosen to launch its e-commerce site in English and Spanish. The company offers an updated Private Placement Memorandum to raise capital for its brodcast needs. Contact info@vivatelecompras.com for a copy of our current Private Placement Memorandum (PPM).

Check out short video:
"New America" at https://youtu.be/0VAM5BGCbAo

  • A Spanish language source for direct marketing of consumer products, with its expected product offerings to include jewelry, gemstones, watches, sunglasses, beauty care and many more practical and lifestyle goods.

  • Purchase financing through its credit card and easy pay plans for higher-priced items.

  • The 55 Million Hispanics in the U.S. with considerable spending power that is increasing in size and amount annually.

  • Shopping channel servicing the growing U.S. Hispanic Market in North America.

  • Seasoned Management Team.

  • Exclusive contracts providing gemstones form the mines of Madagascar.

  • Novela Celebrities designing jewelry for the Hispanic viewer.

  • Open channel to over $1 Trillion Dollars.

  • Main Hispanic Markets are the U.S., Puerto Rico and Mexico.

  • Combined Hispanic Head of Household population 55 Million. Hispanic population is the fastest growing demographic.




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